Djembé- & Dundun classes... Malinke music for all levels

Djembe Kurse, Dundun Kurse in Basel

Klick on "Group lessons for adults ", "Group lessons for Kids" or "One by one lessons to learn more about the different classes.  


You are looking for a gift for your loved ones?!?! 


I offer vouchers for drum lessons at TAXI BROUSSE. 

Give away music, fun with other people and a journey to the culture of the Malinke people in Guinea. 

And here's how it works:

You decide what the amount shall be and order voucher by me. Then you send me the money and I send you the voucher. Et voilà...


The person who received the gift gets in contact with me and we discuss in which course he's going to participate. You see - It's really easy.