Djembé- & Dundun classes... Malinke music for all levels

Djembe Kurse, Dundun Kurse in Basel

Group lessons for adults


Fr. 25.- / 90 min.

Fr. 20.- / 90 min. (people with low income)

Group lessons for Kids (Waraba)


Fr. 25.- / 45min.

SFr. 20.- / 45min. (people with low income)


One by one lessons


Fr. 50.- / 60min.


Klick on "Group lessons for adults ", "Group lessons for Kids" or "One by one lessons to learn more about the different classes.  


You are looking for a gift for your loved ones?!?! 


I offer vouchers for drum lessons at TAXI BROUSSE. 

Give away music, fun with other people and a journey to the culture of the Malinke people in Guinea. 


And here's how it works:

You decide what the amount shall be and order voucher by me. Then you send me the money and I send you the voucher. Et voilà...


The person who received the gift gets in contact with me and we discuss in which course he's going to participate. You see - It's really easy.