Drumming classes, Dundun- & Djembé courses for adults



Wednesday 6:30 PM to 8 PM


You learn the technique on the Djembé and the Dunduns (bass drums = Dundunba, Sangban and Kensedeni).


We play simple Malinke rhythms with their basic patterns on the Dunduns and accompanying on the Djembé


Tuesday 6:30 PM to 8 PM


You improve your technique and your understanding of the rhythms.


You experience the rhythms in their traditional structure and you understand the meaning of it.


You learn premade solo patterns and you know how to place them into the melody. 




Thursday 7 PM to 8:30 PM


The rhythms you learn are going to get more difficult... and even cooler. 


You learn how to influence the music with your playing and leading the group. 


We train how to handle solos, variations, "Echauffements" (focus periods) and exits with the goal of a diverse playing according to the rules of the Malinke music.

One thing all classes have in common

We take us the time to understand the rhythms properly. We know how there musical language works and we learn how to play them relaxed and powerful at the same time... as they are supposed to be.
Therefore we take special care to clean technique, a trained ear and a good understanding of the communication in between the patterns. 
The goal of the lessons is to play dynamicly and diverse... and bring them to live.


The origin of the music, its meaning and its embeddednes in the culture of the Malinke is another important element at the TAXI BROUSSE drum school. We approach to music with the necessary respect, without forgetting the fun of it. 

As the Malinke people say: "TOLON TÈ SÈBÈ SA LA!" (Fun does not kill the seriousness)