Drumming together...

..., not just next to each other - create polyrhythmic music and experience the groove - be carefully instructed and accompanied - hear and be heard without drowning out or being drowned out - take the music seriously and have a lot of fun at the same time - be a part of the rhythm according to your own abilities - each time new, in the "here and now" and with all your senses - open for all levels!!!


That's how it works:

Roll in and look for a spot in a circle. We introduce ourselves very briefly and decide together what we want to play (what mood the piece should convey, how difficult it can be, etc.). Lukas then suggests a piece and distributes the patterns.


Playing can sometimes be briefly interrupted to explain important connections, point out inconsistencies, redistribute roles, or rearrange the piece a bit. This can sometimes take a while and requires some patience - but it's worth it. After that, playing is even more fun. When the groove is established and stable in itself, there is room for improvisation. However, this also follows certain rules - after all, everyone should have fun.


Click here for the special offer for team building events or experience-oriented drumming in groups


When and where:

Every first Wednesday of the month at 8 p.m. at “Taxi Brousse” (Musikpalast Klybeck – Altrheinweg 38 in Basel) or at your own event.


At the regular drum circle in the Music Palace we play 90 minutes


Simply by SMS/WhatsApp/Signal on +41 (0)78 847 30 21


Group size is limited to 12 people (regular Tommelkreis Music Palace). To avoid coming in vain, please register at least one hour before the start of the drum circle.


If you would like to book me for your own event, get in touch by phone or click here to leave a written message - Contact


Fr. 30.- normal earners

Fr. 20.- for those who are a little tight on cash

These prices are for the "regular" drum circle at the Music Palace. The respective organizer is responsible for prices for external events.

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