Team building & experience oriented drumming

Music moves us - rhythm unites! 


Percussion instruments have a unique characteristic.  If you want, you can perfect your playing skills throughout your life. However, we can make most of them sound beautiful as soon as we touch them for the first time  - aand we will benefit from this wonderful attribute. With a little bit of willingness, a little bit of patience, mindfulness and courage, any group (with or without previous musical experience) can create a cool and driving groove. For this to succeed, it takes teamwork - and a little help. Tand this is where I come in. 


Each participant gets a small piece of the rhythmic puzzle. From these parts we finally create the musical whole. The degree of difficulty of the individual voices is adapted by me to the individual musicians.  All should be challenged - but no one is overburdened - unless we want it that way :-).


Now there comes the exciting part. I'll help you understand how the pieces fit together and what you can do to bring the music to life. how are we supposed to play together so that the parts don't keep falling and how can we achieve a state of interaction in which we actually play together - and not just banging on our drums next to each other. If we succeed, the music starts to groove and we are immediately rewarded for our efforts. 


To work out a customized drumming experience for your group - call me at +41 (0)78 847 30 21 or write me via the contact form (preferably with phone number) - I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Eperience oriented drumming

Here it's all about the fun and the experience. You can experience your group (team, club, class, clique, etc.) in a completely different way. Roles can be reversed, ingrained patterns can be turned upside down. Above all, you will realize what you can achieve when you interact with each other, try out new things and play together.


An experience that you will remember for a long time and that will bring your group even closer together.

Team building

Polyrhythmic interaction is an excellent way to illuminate the dynamics in groups (teams, clubs, school classes, etc.).


Based on my many years of experience in this field, I offer individually tailored team building events.


On request also with joint evaluation, in which we relate what we have experienced to the "everyday" dynamics of the group, in order to constructively question habitual strategies, role distributions, hierarchical structures, etc. and, if necessary, to create intrinsic incentives to improve the well-being in the team and the quality of cooperation in the future.