African drumming on Djembe & Dunduns for kids

Kinderkurse auf Djembe und Basstrommeln. Kinderfreundliche afrikanische Rhythmen und Lieder



You learn how to handle the Djembé and the three basedrums.


We are playing child-friendly rhythms and songs from Guinea (West Africa)


If you participate in one of the kids classes you can be a member of the children's band project "WARABA“. That's a lot of fun!!!

Waraba Juniors - Trommelkurse für afrikanisches Trommeln für Kinder an der "TAXI BROUSSE" Schule für Malinkperkussion


Children have a very own approach to the polyrhythmic and metric flexible African drum music. If you can manage to motivate them and have fun together, if you find the right language and you lead them to the rhythms in a playful way, they are often able to play even difficult pieces stunningly easy. 


WARABA is the Malinke word for big lion. Besides playing the cool African rhythms, The kids learn how to act as a member of the band. 


Fun... but as well the exact listening, fairness, patience and team spirit are really important in our small band. 


Monday 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM 

(there are no classes on school holidays)